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VTI produces a number of medical products that are either sewn, sealed, or both. Products include vacuum lock pillows used for positioning patients for imaging exams, compression garments, and environmental control products to accelerate the healing process.  
Back in the mid 1980's the United States had undertaken a chemical demilitarization plan to eradicate chemical weapons inventories. The project was contracted out and a search for a qualified supplier took place. The contractor chosen for the cleanup effort needed a company wi...
The Navy, Air Force, and Air Force Thunderbirds selected VTI to manufacture the Advanced Technology Anti-Gravity Suit (ATAGS) for their pilots. The garment is designed to provide full coverage pressure to the lower body to prevent vascular pooling of blood during periods of hi...
The armed forces are a big end user of many VTI manufactured sewn bags. They carry personal supplies, munitions, or support gear. Bags are often weather resistant with a laminated coating and supplied with a waterproof RF Welded and screen printed vinyl bag to keep contents dr...