How is Industrial Sewing Used in the Space Industry?

NASA Space Suit

Industrial sewing is used to manufacture the many textiles in constant use by both private space companies and government agencies like NASA.  These textiles include thermal blankets that keep astronauts warm, the fabric for space suits, the parachutes used to slow spacecraft down as they reenter Earth’s atmosphere, and even more.

The industrial sewing process at Vinyl Technology is precise and efficient, ensuring that each textile meets the high standards required for use in space. Thanks to industrial sewing, we can rest assured that our astronauts are safe and well-equipped to succeed in their space missions.

Reusable Bags

Cloth or fabric bags are essential to the job of an astronaut.   These bags must be lightweight, durable and trustworthy. Vinyl Technology industrial sewing machines are able to produce the reusable cloth bags that astronauts use to store their personal belongings. The bags are made from a lightweight and durable fabric that can be easily cleaned. They also have a sturdy handle and a zipper closure to keep the contents securely inside.


Spacesuit design is incredibly complicated, requiring industrial sewing that can keep up with the speed and demands of piloting rockets into earth orbit and beyond.  Each suit must be able to hold up against the rigors of space travel and allow astronauts to move freely in order for them to complete their mission. While some of the private space industry’s suits are designed by famous fashion designers, it’s up to industrial sewing to actually create them.

Thermal Blankets

The blankets we use on earth are fine for us, but not every blanket can just go on a spacecraft. Space blankets are made to retain heat, so they are thicker and have a metallic coating on one side. The industrial sewing process at Vinyl Technology is able to create space blankets with the perfect balance of lightweight and insulation.

These blankets are not just used to keep people warm, but to insulate the exterior of spacecraft. NASA has been using a form of these blankets at least since the 1960s.


The parachutes behind landing rockets on Earth are quite different than those used in space. Space parachutes are designed to slow the spacecraft down as it reenters Earth’s atmosphere. These parachutes require much higher tolerances than parachutes used, say, for skydiving. Industrial sewing machines are capable of making space parachutes, thanks to their speed and precision.


When operating in such varied environments as earth, and then earth orbit, and eventually beyond, zero and low-gravity circumstances mean that everything floats. You can’t do much about microgravity, but you can make sure the objects–and the people–stay in place when you need them to.

The heavy-duty straps and bindings that space travel requires are exactly what many people have in mind when they hear “textiles for space travel.” These straps need to be both soft and strong in order to function properly–industrial sewing is the perfect way to get both.

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