Vinyl Technology Uses Kaizen Methodology


According to the EPA, “Kaizen focuses on eliminating waste, improving productivity, and achieving sustained continual improvement in targeted activities and processes of an organization,” a philosophy that nicely sums up the Vinyl Technology approach. Using kaizen is simply one way in which Vinyl Technology is leading the manufacturing and industrial sewing industry.

Kaizen is a Japanese word combining the words for “good” and “change,” a perfect shorthand to describe the constant, rolling improvement of everything we do. From the hiring process to the careful creation of our clients’ products, Vinyl Technology uses kaizen in all aspects of our operations.

Kaizen in manufacturing is not new. American businessmen exposed to the Japanese methods of manufacturing during and after World War 2, were impressed with the implementation of the continuous improvement processes. Massaki Imai is the man who is credited with popularizing the methods of kaizen in recent years, starting with a consulting group in 1985 and publishing several books on the subject.

A Kaizen fundamentally relies on a “quality circle,” or group of workers performing the same or similar work. They meet regularly to identify and subsequently solve issues that arise in the manufacturing workplace.

Vinyl Technology incorporates Kaizen by focusing on small improvements that are easy to implement. We work as a team to solve problems and seek feedback for advancement.