Medical Products

Medical Products

Medical Products


Medical Products

Among the many challenges that 2020 brought is a renewed interest in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and making sure everything we use to treat and care for patients, from their first encounter with the health system to their last day of treatment, is the best it can possibly be. 

VTI produces a number of medical products that are either sewn, sealed, or both. Some of our medical products include vacuum lock pillows used for positioning patients for oncology treatment and imaging exams, alternating pressure and compression garments, and environmental control products to accelerate the healing process. 

As with everything we do, our products are all created to your specifications. When it comes to medical technology, we understand that you need to be absolutely sure every seal is tight and every stitch is where it should be.

Isolation Rooms

VTI helped create temporary, low-cost, in-room, negative pressure tents that make it easier for hospitals to scale their response to infectious disease events like the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. 

Isolation rooms like this have a clear-view PVC or TPU canopy with a high-contrast floor and RF-welded seams. Double lap hook & loop allow replacement of glove, conduit panel, and hug suit components.

External steel frame and disposable tent with integrated glove walls and HugSuit for full patient access with significantly less need for PPE.

Air handling is included and meets the 15 air exchanges per hour (ACH) CDC guidelines for surgical procedure and delivery rooms. The .3 micron HEPA and MERV intake filters are welded directly to the tent canopy, greatly mitigating risk associated with user error and improved safety during the disposal process.

Medical Products

Vac-Lok Cushions

Medical Products

Vac-Lok Cushions

VTI also manufactures vacuum lock cushions used to stabilize patients in preparation for medical procedures such as MRI’s and Cat Scans. Cushions form to the patient’s body contour, maintaining a patient’s position over repeated visits for improved tracking of the patient’s progress. The product is filled with styrofoam beads and then sealed shut. A valve allows for vacuum to be pulled on the product before it is fnally sealed, tested, and packed for shipment.

PPE Suit

A PPE Suit or personal protective equipment suit is a full-body suit designed to protect the wearer from injury or infection. These suits are designed to minimize exposure to workplace hazards that are chemical, biological, radiological, physical, or electrical in nature. VTI has decades of experience manufacturing DPE Suits and also custom manufactures  PPE suits for healthcare and laboratory companies that require PPE equipment for their personnel.

Medical Products


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What Medical Products Does VTI Manufacture?

VTI manufactures custom products that require industrial sewing and rf sealing. Examples of products that VTI is able to manufacture include:

  • Medical Inflatable Bladders
  • Hospital Headpieces for Trauma Patients
  • Blood Pressure Cuffs
  • Compression Garments
  • Containment Walls for Isolation Rooms
  • Vac-lock Cushions and other Medical Positioning Devices
  • Custom Medical Devices
  • Custom Sewn Medical Products
  • Mattress Overlays