Hazmat Suits

Hazmat Suits

Hazmat Suits

Hazmat Suits

Hazmat Suits

VTI has developed hazmat garments and biohazard suits to help protect against chemical and biological hazards in the workplace. With rigorous quality and engineering testing and attention to detail in the development of chemical protective hazmat suits, VTI is able to manufacture hazmat suits and other PPE suits used by hazmat responders, hospital employees, and military personnel. VTI provides a wide range of chemical protective clothing and biohazard suits to meet a broad spectrum of needs.

Can you Reuse Hazmat Suits?

Hazmat suits are engineered for durability and enhanced worker range of motion. However, the most common application of hazmat suits in areas where exposure to radiation, chemical, or biological agents is likely necessitates the need for disposable suits that cannot be cleaned or reused.

How long does an unused Hazmat Suit Last?

The shelf life of a chemical suit will vary. But if unopened and stored properly can be used years after purchase.



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Why Choose VTI Hazmat Suits and PPE equipment

Vinyl Technology was first asked to create a level A Hazmat suit called the DPE or Demilitarization Protective Ensemble to protect against chemical exposure from nerve and mustard gas agents in the effort to clear stockpiled chemical weapons. To this day, VTI is the only manufacturer of the DPE suit and has created hazmat suits with the highest quality standards to be able to stand up in critical applications.

What are the different types of hazmat suits?

There are two variations of hazmat suits: splash guards and airtight suits. The splash protection package is built to prevent the user from coming into contact with the liquid. These packs do not protect against gas or dust. Hermetic packs also protect against gas and dust.

What do VTI hazmat suits protect against?

VTI is able to manufacture hazmat suits that are able to be used to protect against biological, chemical, or nuclear agents.

What safety and quality measures does VTI take for their hazmat suits?

VTI employs a number of safety and quality measures including inflation tests and multi-step quality assurance testing to ensure safety for critical applications.

What industries can hazmat suits be used?

Hazmat suits may be used in agriculture, spray painting, manufacturing, industrial, healthcare settings, cleaning, asbestos inspection, military, and government applications.