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Fuel Bladders

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Fuel Bladders

The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a vital cog in the machinery of the US Armed Forces operations. These uncrewed vehicles enable unprecedented access to reconnaissance, communications, and other applications without risking the lives of personnel. UAV use in the military has expanded rapidly over the last several years and due to advances in cloud computing services, multi-sensor data fusion for navigation, and artificial intelligence, the growth of UAV use in the US military projects positively into the future.

Military UAVs require high-end fuel bladders that provide proper mechanical resistance and fuel-tightness to withstand the rigors of military operations. Their long, high-altitude journeys require flexible containers that won’t fail, tear, break, or rupture when optimal performance is an absolute necessity. Having produced fuel bladders for major UAV manufacturers over 20 years, VTI provides fuel bladders that aren’t just “good enough” — they’re the best they can possibly be because they absolutely have to be the best.

VTI uses materials specially formulated for jet fuels and are lighter in weight than anything you’d get from the competition. The fuel bladder hardware (like access hatches and port fittings) is either welded directly to the film using VTI’s proprietary bonding process, or it may be over-molded onto the fittings and then RF-welded.

The US government trusts us with their products, imagine what we can do for you.

Marine Fuel Bladders & Boat Fuel Bladders

Marine fuel bladders or boat fuel bladders are special fuel bladders that are flexible, durable, and are strong containers that holds the fuel to prevent spills and leaks. It is made from flexible materials that do not interact chemically with the fuel and also provide the strength necessary for fuel storage.

Not only is a bladder fuel tank used to hold fuel inside a metal tank, but you can also find them holding extra fuel. These auxiliary fuel tanks are stored on board a watercraft and deployed when additional fuel is needed. This is necessary in order to extend the range of a vehicle beyond the capabilities of its normal fuel supply. These extra bladders can be collapsed when empty, allowing for easy stowage.

VTI is able to assist with engineering services, fabrication of resources, and integration support for fuel bladders.

Fuel Bladders

Types of Fuel Bladders VTI Manufacturers

  • Boat Fuel Bladders
  • Marine Fuel Bladders
  • Oil Bladders
  • Drone Fuel Bladders
  • Medical Inflatable Bladders
  • Inflatable Storage Bladders


Mil-Spec Materials
Polyurethane Coated Fabrics
Vinyl Coated Fabrics


  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Medical


  • Engineering Services
  • Quality Assurance and Reliability Testing
  • Dielectric Sealing
  • Bonding

Fuel Bladder FAQ

What is a Fuel Bladder?

A fuel bladder or fuel storage bladder is a collapsible, flexible storage tank that provides temporary or long-term storage for industrial fuel and liquids. In commercial and industrial applications, they are often watertight and are made from fabrics that allow for mechanical and weathering resistance.

What are Common Applications for Fuel Bladders? 

Fuel bladders are often used in aviation or marine efforts, which require that the fuel bladders offer a protection to its stored liquids and are able to be watertight and avoid contact with air. Especially as it pertains to fuel, there is potential risk of explosion due to gas formation if there are leaks or if production quality is poor. They are used in agriculture, military, government, and industrial businesses. Ultra-tough fuel bladders are also used in racing cars and are often reinforced with Kevlar to allow for protection in the even of a high-speed crash.

What are the Benefits of Fuel Bladders? 

Fuel bladders are durable and have high resistance to different climate conditions, ensuring high-performance in adverse conditions. They are useful as water or fuel transportation on vehicles that do not have the opportunity to resupply frequently.

Are Custom Fuel Bladders Available? 

VTI is able to manufacture fuel bladders that fit any boat, vehicle, or other custom application.

What is a Marine Fuel Bladder?

A marine fuel bladder or boat fuel bladder are flexible fuel tanks often used on boats or other marine applications to transport liquids or fuels. Often times, they resemble “pillow tanks” and represent an affordable, convenient way to store extra fuel on boats for long voyages.