Pressurized G-Suits

Pressurized G-Suits

Anti Gravity Suit or G-Suit


Anti Gravity Suit or G-Suit

The Navy, Air Force, and Air Force Thunderbirds selected VTI to manufacture the Advanced Technology Anti-Gravity Suit (ATAGS) for their pilots. The garment is manufactured to provide full coverage pressure to the lower body to prevent vascular pooling of blood during periods of high positive G in the Z axis. VTI has been trusted to produce the air holding pressurized trouser for this suit since 2005, and often finds itself as the sole supplier to the Armed Forces due to the complex nature of the suit.

VTI also produced a simpler version pressurized flight suit known as the Cutaway Anti-G suit, a wrap-around, chap-style garment. However, due to the increased performance of the U.S.’s flight arsenal the ATAGS has replaced much of the legacy suit’s use. VTI has additional capacity and capabilities to produce more pressurized suits, including space suits, as construction, materials, and requirements are similar.

Learn about the custom G-Suits VTI prototyped for women pilots in the Air Force.


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Why was the anti-gravity suit invented?

As early as the first world war, pilots sometimes fell unconscious during maneuvers and dogfights with enemy aircraft. The anti-gravity suit was invented to prevent this. 

How does a flight suit work?

Pilots in modern aircraft experience blood pooling in their legs as a result of extreme g-forces.  

An anti-gravity suit, or g-suit, uses a system of bladders to apply pressure to the pilot’s limbs, pushing blood back into the rest of their bodies. 

Do all fighter pilots wear G-suits?

Yes, all fighter pilots flying modern aircraft use some form of g-suit. 

Do fighter pilots get used to G-forces?

While a fighter pilot might get used to the experience of using a g-suit to prevent loss of consciousness, there is no way an unassisted human body can withstand the extreme gravity shift during combat maneuvers. Some sort of system, like a g-suit, is necessary for the pilot to remain conscious.

Is VTI a Berry Compliant Manufacturer?

VTI is a Berry Compliant manufacturer and is able to make custom mil-spec g-suits for your needs. Request a quote today.