Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing

What Are Industrial Sewing Contractors? 

Industrial SewingIndustrial Sewing

What Are Industrial Sewing Contractors? 

An industrial sewing contractor operates the process of attaching two pieces of specialty film or fabric by stitching them together using specialized industrial sewing machines. Custom sewn products that require higher stitch rates and precision utilize industrial sewing machines that can handle these requirements in high volume. 

Top Industrial Sewing Contractor Near LA

As the leading US-based industrial sewing contractor and custom sewing company, we often get asked why we are trusted by government, medical, aerospace, and commercial organizations and the answer is quite simple. Our experience, state-of-the-art sewing technology, and passion for delivering quality custom sewn products are unmatched. VTL specializes in engineering and product development of custom sewn products through our custom sewn operations. From gas mask carrier bags to anti-gravity suits, we’re always looking for the next challenge. The only things we don’t sew are clothing or garments (unless you think of a HazMat suit as “clothes”). If we can do that for them, imagine what we can do for you.

Medical Sewing Contractor

The medical field often has a high demand for custom sewn products:

  • Doctors, nurses, and medical students from hospitals and clinics around the country all need access to PPE and proper medical attire that require custom industrial sewing. scrubs, lab coats and aprons, and hair coverings are essential equipment that must meet exact specifications for safety and effectiveness.
  • Patients require medical gowns, fabric slings, medical braces, and device attachments that often require precision and customization. Positioning blocks and wedges that are padded often require medical coverings. Hospital beds need specialized sheets and mattress covers.
  • Other sewn medical equipment includes ice pack wraps, restraining equipment for stretchers, sleep disorder headgear, adjustable IV cover sleeves, newborn infant caps and hospital draw sheets.

Medical Contractor With High Quality Standards

Medical Sewn products must be free of effects and perform as expected on demand. Even custom sewn medical products that are meant to be disposable still have to adhere to strict codes and guidelines. Clothing and bedding intended for patient use often must be manufactured with special hypoallergenic materials to minimize the risk of adverse medical or allergic reactions. VTL uses cutting edge engineering and manufacturing processes designed to ensure our medical sewn products meet the highest quality standards for critical applications.

Custom Military Sewing Projects

The US Military requires berry compliant and ISO-certified manufacturers and sewing contractors to produce custom sewn projects. Everything from acoustic dampening blankets, anti-g suits, cargo bags, transport bags, mask carrier bags, first aid kits, self-inflating mats, among a host of other military sewing needs. The equipment must be durable and remain functional throughout any environmental stresses.

Examples of Other Military Sewing Projects:

  • Thermal acoustical blankets
  • Soft-sided cases
  • Mil-spec tarps and tarpaulins
  • Custom covers for beds and other applications
  • Straps and harnesses
Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing Contractor With State Of The Art Machines

With over 100 machines and the capacity to support them, we are an experienced and knowledgeable industrial sewing contractor who can meet the demand for quality industrial, medical, and military services. Our in-house capabilities include several computer programmable sewing machines, which incorporate state-of-the-art technology and the latest methodologies for maximizing efficiency and controlling costs.

As part of our fulfillment, our clients have access to a full range of equipment that covers every kind of machine stitch type. Capabilities include heavy-duty equipment for cargo straps and leather applications, light-duty equipment for parachute fabrics and insulation blankets, and everything else in-between.

Whatever your custom product requirements may be, we are ready to exceed your highest expectations. 

Industrial Sewing Machine Brands:

  • JUKI
  • Consew
  • Brother
  • Mitsubishi
  • Eton Material Handling System

Different Types of Industrial Sewing Machines:

  • Single Needle Sewing Machines
  • Multi-Needle Sewing Machines
  • Overlock Sewing Machines
  • Cylinder Sewing Machines
  • High Post Sewing Machine
  • Feed-Off-The-Arm Sewing Machines
  • Bar-Tack Sewing Machines
  • Box-X Sewing Machines
  • Programmable Sewing Machines
  • Custom Sewing Machines

Advantages of Industrial Sewing Machines

In contrast to domestic sewing machines, industrial sewing machinery is designed to handle higher workloads and production runs. Industrial machines are able to stitch faster, provide higher quality stitching, and are able to work with heavier threads and materials. Household sewing machines will come equipped with a variety of stitch options, but industrial sewing machines are specialty machines that usually focus on one type of stitch or function to help preserve durability in the machine. Industrial sewing machinery is also able to be used in custom sewing operations to handle custom sewing projects where bulk units are required. For instance, in working with vinyl fabrics, a special sewing needle for vinyl is used to be able to handle heavy duty stitching.

Military Sewing Machines:

Every military sewing machine adheres to the compliance regulations set forward by the Berry Amendment and sewing industry best practices. Military sewn products and other custom sewn products require certain supply chain and machinery standards including the usage of American made sewing machines to be used for production sewing.

Commercial Sewing:

VTL is also able to serve as a commercial sewing company partner to organizations seeking custom sewn products in a commercial setting.

Industrial SewingIndustrial Sewing

What You Get with VTL

  • On-Time Delivery

    We have a 99.8% rate of delivering products on time. VTL is a reliable supply chain partner that understands the critical need of delivering quality products accurately, reliably, and on-time.

  • Experience
    Vinyl Technology, LLC is the leading manufacturer for RF welded film and sewn textile products and has been around for 40 years. Our products are used for critical applications by hospitals and medical facilities, aerospace organizations such as NASA, and government and defense contractors. If you are an industrial corporation looking for a high-performance solution with a reliable partner, then we may be a good fit for you.
  • High Quality, Best Value
    With a top RF heat-sealing company like VTL, you’re getting only exactly what you pay for. Because we produce only what you designed, there isn’t a single weld out of spec or unexpected. That translates to a lower cost per unit than something you’d typically buy off the shelf. VTL is ISO 9100:2015, AS9100D Certified and Berry Compliant (when requested).
  • High Volume, Quick Production
    Our experienced engineering team can work with you on taking your blueprints from conception stage to production. Our manufacturing facilities are designed for high-volume production runs to help you scale your costs. If you are interested in starting a project, contact us today.


Vinyl Technology, LLC complies with standards required by the US government and Department of Defense that include the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), STANAG 4671 and MIL-STD-6396. VTL can also fabricate products that comply with the Berry Amendment when required.

VTL’s Quality System is currently certified to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015. Since 2014, VTL has implemented LEAN Manufacturing practices, Six Sigma, and Kaizen methodologies to improve operations. VTL is a FDA Registered manufacturer of medical products.


VTL has been challenged with a number of different textiles for different applications. These are not the common garment fabrics so expertise is critical. We work a wide range of material types including stiff coated materials, soft and stretchy, chemical resistant, fire resistant, laminated for weather resistance, and more.

Commonly used materials include:

  • Mil-Spec Materials
  • Polyurethane Coated Fabrics
  • Vinyl Coated Fabrics
  • Webbing
  • Fabrics
  • Netting
  • Hook and Loop
  • Sewing Netting Material


Our Process

Every great project starts with an idea. Whatever you can imagine, VTL can probably make it. But we need more than just an idea if we’re going to make your product for you. Before it’s time for us to step in and start making your product, you need to have a plan. If you have an AutoCAD design and/or sample, that’s a perfect first step. 

Our sales team kicks things off with the Bid Opportunity Worksheet,  this entails gathering all the pertinent information required to bid on your product. This includes all your drawings, specifications, materials call-outs, construction details, quantity requirements, and anything else we might need.

Once we have quoted your item, and you choose to place an order, we begin the process of engineering your product for our manufacturing methods.

Tools may be required to assist in maximizing efficiencies. We manufacture much of our tooling in-house, but also have access to highly experienced outside tool makers for extremely high-end performance tooling.

First time orders may require prototypes or first articles to assure the validity of the initial production.

Once they are approved, we can start production, which typically takes approximately 8 weeks depending on materials lead times.


Everything we do is custom. You might have specific needs, like a unique type of stitch or hems, special colors, printed on parts via silk screening or hot stamping. You might have fasteners like zippers, snaps, grommets, eyelets, hook and loop. Maybe you need the flame resistance of Nomex or the strength of kevlar—wherever your products need to go, we can help you get there.

What Industrial Sewn Products is Vinyl Technology Able to Manufacture?

VTL has worked with a variety of products including custom sewn bags, transfer cargo bags, self-inflating mattresses, and a variety of other sewn products.

Does VTL Partner with Other Companies?

Yes, as a leading industrial sewing contractor and custom sewing company VTL is able to partner with other companies who have a blueprint or drawing to work with.

What Services and Solutions Does VTL Offer?

  • Engineering services
  • Product development
  • Fabrication of resources
  • Integration support
  • Custom project support

Is VTL Berry Compliant?

Yes, VTL is a Berry Compliant manufacturer and industrial sewing contractor that is able to take on custom industrial, commercial, medical, government, and military projects. Read our blog to learn more about what it means to be Berry Compliant.