Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

Vinyl Technology’s involvement with DPE suits began in the early 1990s when the company responded to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Level-A protective vinyl suits. This came after years of producing Level-B protective suits for the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant. After a rigorous qualification process, Vinyl Technology became the sole supplier of these critical safety ensembles.

The DPE suit is a single-use, positive pressure, protective ensemble that offers the highest level of safety for workers in toxic environments. The designers have created this gear for use in settings with known liquid substances or expected high levels of liquid or vapor. Individuals can also wear it during chemical agent decontamination activities.

The Evolution of the DPE Suit

In its early stages, the Demilitarization Protective Ensemble, commonly known as the DPE suit, presented a unique challenge in protective gear design. Initially, users of the vinyl suit were required to be completely sealed inside, a necessity that underscored its single-use nature. This design meant that once a task was completed, the suit had to be cut away from the wearer, a process that, while effective, was not without its complexities. Advancements led to the introduction of an air-tight zipper, revolutionizing the DPE suit’s functionality. VTI skillfully integrated this development using a specialized RF sealing process and custom tooling, maintaining the suit’s integrity.

Further adapting to safety standards, a NIOSH-approved pass-through was recently added to the vinyl suit, ensuring compliance with current health and safety regulations. This evolution of the DPE suit showcases a commitment to innovation, safety, and the continuous improvement of protective gear.


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Why Choose VTI?

Back in the 1980’s the United States had undertaken a chemical demilitarization plan to eradicate chemical weapons inventories. The project was contracted out, and a search for a qualified supplier for a protective vinyl suit took place. The contractor chosen for the cleanup effort needed a company with a proven track record for high quality and reliability that could supply a custom made chemical resistant air tight suit in high volume. The mission was life critical and, due to chemical aggressiveness, this protective vinyl suit was specified as single-use.

In the 1990s, VTI was selected to produce the suit, and the DPE suit was born. Over the years, volume has fluctuated but today production is still going strong and VTI is the sole supplier of the DPE suit. Throughout the years, our extensive experience has positioned us as a trusted partner in the industry.

VTI complies with government and DoD required standards to include the Berry Amendment, NIST, ITAR, and FAR/DFARS.