Aerospace Solutions Manufacturer

Vinyl Technology offers a comprehensive suit of products and services to help build your product or solution into production.

Our Aerospace Solutions Include:

  • Engineering Services
  • Product development
  • Fabrication of resources
  • Integration support

Types of Products Manufactured:

  •  Anti-G Suits
  • Thermal insulation jackets to prevent icing of critical aircraft components
  •  Fuel bladders for UAVs.
  •  Cargo bags for space flight
  • O-Ring bags
  • Custom Industrial Sewn and RF Welded Products

VTI can assist with material selection, product analysis, quality assurance testing, tooling, RF sealing, industrial sewing, and product assembly.

NASA Multipurpose Cargo Transfer Bag

NASA space missions require optimization of logistical mass and the ability to repurpose items for multiple uses. With this in mind, VTI developed the multipurpose cargo transfer bags that were manufactured to function in the same way for cargo storage but have the benefit of being able to be reconfigured into a flat panel for reuse. Other potential benefits of the bag may also include solar radiation storm sheltering or acoustic dampening. For instance, multipurpose cargo transfer bags are currently in use on the ISS as a noise reduction device.


NASA Sound Suppression Water System

During liftoff, NASA rockets generate acoustical energy that has the potential to reverberate and physically damage the payload and other components of the rocket. To counteract this, VTI created the framework for a sound suppression water system that was installed on the pads and the mobile launcher platform to protect the orbiter and its payloads from being damaged by sound energy reflecting from the platform. Water from a large tank is released just prior to ignition and functions to help maintain decibels levels to a margin of safety.

Why Choose VTI?

VTI’s UAV/UAS solutions include engineering services, development, fabrication, and integration support of fuel bladders for some of the most important UAVs in the world today. Bladders are dielectrically welded, requiring minimal tooling resulting in unmatched time-to-market (short lead times) versus our competition’s manufacturing techniques which require extensive tooling services and development, incurring longer lead times. Machined fittings and hatch rings are bonded to the bladders using VTI proprietary bonding processes that have stood the test of the FAA’s demanding flight worthiness test programs, including STANAG 4671 and MIL-STD-6396 specifications.

VTI complies with all government, DoD, and FAA standards to include the Berry Amendment, NIST, ITAR, FAR/DFARS, and AS9100D certification.