Government Manufacturer & Sub-Contractor

Vinyl Technology offers a comprehensive suit of products and services to help build your product or solution into active production.

Our Government Solutions Include:

  • Engineering services
  • Product development
  • Fabrication of resources
  • Integration support

Types of Products Manufactured:

  • Hazmat Suits
  • Drone Fuel Bladders
  • Boat Fuel Bladders
  • Fuel Bladder Tanks
  • Vehicle Capture Systems
  • PPE Equipment
  • Custom Industrial Sewn and RF Welded Products

VTI can assist with material selection, product engineering services, quality assurance testing, tooling, RF sealing, industrial sewing, and product assembly. VTI has been producing government products since it was founded in 1981. Products include several forms of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as hazardous material suits for WMD disposal, box and tank liners for hazardous waste, and protective wear for workers at chemical and DOE facilities.

Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE)

The early version of the suit required the worker to be sealed into the suit, requiring him to be cut out as the suit was and still is single-use. Later, an air-tight zipper was developed. It created additional challenges for fabrication, but VTI manufactured an integration approach consistent with the RF sealing process along with special tooling to accommodate the zipper. A NIOSH approved pass through has recently been added to keep pace with compliance requirements.


Vehicle Arresting System


Vehicle Arresting System

The dragnet vehicle arrest system is a state of the art device that utilizes a high strength net into the pathway of a target vehicle, stopping it in its tracks. The portable vehicle arresting system comes with barbed spikes that puncture tires and deploys a net to allow for a controlled stoppage.

Why Choose VTI?

Back in the 1980’s the United States had undertaken a chemical demilitarization plan to eradicate chemical weapons inventories. The project was contracted out, and a search for a qualified supplier took place. The contractor chosen for the cleanup effort needed a company with a proven track record for high quality and reliability that could supply a custom made chemical resistant air tight suit in high volume. The mission was life critical and, due to chemical aggresiveness, the demilitarization suit was specified as single-use.

In the 1990s, VTI was selected to produce the suit, and the Demilitarization Protective Ensemble (DPE) suit was born. Over the years, volume has fluctuated but today production is still going strong and VTI is the sole supplier of the DPE suit.

VTI complies with government and DoD required standards to include the Berry Amedment, NIST, ITAR, and FAR/DFARS.