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Cargo Bags

Cargo Bags


Cargo Bags

We’ve learned a thing or two about industrial sewing over the years, and we know how to make the best product to your exact specifications, no matter how complicated or, in the case of a sewn bag, how simple. But we also know that appearances can be deceiving and that a product that appears simple can often be the most complex project we do.

One of our biggest contracts is with the United States Armed Forces, with multiple branches using many VTI manufactured sewn bags. These sewn products include the Molle, bandoliers, combat webbing, support gear, and lots more. In addition to the sewed projects, VTI fabricates Dry Bags that are weather-resistant, made with laminated coatings. which are manufactured with a waterproof RF-welding to keep contents bone dry. The vinyl bag is also produced by VTI.

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Types of Sewn Bag Manufactured

  • Gas Mask Carrier Sewn Bags
  • Dry Bags
  • Assault Bags and Pack Liners
  • Cargo Bags for Space Flight
  • Containment Bags for Space Flight

Gas Mask Carrier Bags

Maintaining optimal safety and survivability requires keeping your gas mask accessible and available at all times. Vinyl Technology is able to create carrier bags that are durable, comfortable, and easily accessible. You can use your mask to protect yourself from a wide range of chemical, biological, and radioactive hazards in a matter of seconds. Our gas mask bags are able to be made at specification and are versatile enough to fit a variety of gas mask configurations and styles.

Cargo Bags


Mil-Spec Materials
Polyurethane Coated Fabrics
Vinyl Coated Fabrics


  • Government
  • Defense
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Industrial


  • Industrial Sewing
  • Engineering Services
  • Quality Assurance and Reliability Testing

What is a cargo bag?

A cargo bag is an industrially sewn bag that is specifically built for permanent and temporary storage of goods.

What materials are used in a waterproof cargo bag?

PVC/vinyl and other vinyl coated fabrics are often used in waterproofing of cargo bags as well as provide durability and weather resistance.

What is a cargo carrier bag? 

Cargo carrier bags are made to be able to be carried during transport, which incorporate straps and other components to allow for this functionality.