How 5 Top Industries Are Using Industrial Sewing

Industrial Sewing and Commercial Sewing

The applications of industrial sewing go well beyond clothing or uniforms. In fact, industrial fabrics are used in a lot of ways that aren’t immediately obvious.

At Vinyl Technologies, we’ve provided custom sewing-based solutions for clients across a variety of fields, from aerospace to medical and beyond. Below, we would like to share some of these solutions and demonstrate just how functional the applications for industrial sewing can be.


We have done a lot of work with the United States Armed Forces that require us to meet Berry Amendment compliance and other government regulations.

Some of our proudest work, however, are the Cargo Bags that we’ve created for government use. Weather resistant and made with laminated coatings, these bags are completely waterproof and ready for any situation, from combat to transportation. The rigorous applications of these custom sewn bags require that they are made to be durable, efficient, and functional.


A lot of large industrial machinery and precision equipment can be sensitive to things like dust, moisture, and other environmentally damaging factors that occur during storage and shipping.

While there are a variety of metal containers and spray-on coatings that can afford some protection, those methods are often expensive and difficult to apply. As it turns out, industrial sewing applications can provide a solution that’s neither of those things.

VTI’s Driguard solution is a container created from plastic barrier materials. The container utilizes bagged desiccant like silica gel, nitrogen flush, or dynamic dehumidification to protect industrial machinery in a way that’s specific to the customer’s needs.


The medical industry has a lot of use for industrial sewing solutions and industrial fabrics. For example, there was a high demand for material to create isolation rooms during the height of the pandemic. These rooms are made from a clear-view PVC or TPU canopy that served to protect healthcare workers and patients alike.

We’re especially proud of our Vac-Lok Cushions. These cushions are filled with styrofoam beads and contour to the patient’s body to stabilize them during procedures like MRIs and CAT scans. They also feature a valve that allows for vacuum sealing before testing and shipment.


Transporting cargo and equipment to outer space is a major undertaking. It requires the use of packing material that is both lightweight and tough enough to handle passing through the atmosphere multiple times. The rigors of space travel are intense and can test the limits of any container.

However our NASA Cargo Transfer Bags aren’t just able to withstand those conditions, but they are built to last for a number of flight cycles. Using industrial fabrics combined with other industrial-strength materials, our bags provide NASA with a solution that’s lightweight, powerfully strong, and cost efficient.


Finally we have industrial sewing solutions for commercial use, which could really be as varied as the imagination allows.

Take our life vests, for example. Life vests are an essential component of safety protocol when boating or enjoying activities on a large body of water. The vests need to be durable and lightweight while also functioning as intended when needed. There’s no value in a safety device that doesn’t work when it’s needed the most.

Our life vests are made out of the toughest industrial fabrics while still remaining easy to wear and operate. If you or your organization are looking for commercial, aerospace, medical, industrial, or any other kind of industrial sewing solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how we can help you with your specific needs.

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