The Top 4 Types of Custom Sewn Bags

Industrial Sewing Manufacture Uses

p style=”text-align: justify;”>The kinds of custom sewn bags you’ll find being written about on this blog are not the kinds of bags you might use to accessorize the perfect ensemble for a night on the town or stylishly carry your work from your office to a posh evening meal. The kinds of bags we sew, and the kind of custom sewn bags we specialize in at Vinyl Technology, are sewn bags that perform some of the most critical tasks in the world. Bags made with industrial sewing techniques are made for what they do, not how they look.

Custom Sewn Bags for Military and Police

Although police and military serve vitally different functions, many of their needs overlap. A soldier or police officer are frequently required to venture into unsafe and hostile environments, calling on them to rely on other types of gear, like the DPE or hazmat suit, created through the same industrial sewing techniques used to make custom sewn bags. The types of bags used by police and military include backpacks, messenger type bags, water bottles, gun cases, cold weather bags and more. No matter what type of gear a soldier is looking to pack, there is a bag available to hold it.

Medical Sewn Bags

Every item on this list has one thing in common: if they fail to do their jobs, lives are in danger. This is especially the case for sewn bags made for medical uses. These bags not only need to be as waterproof, airtight, and reliable as every other industrially-sewn bag, they often need to be sterile, too. The manufacturing of such bags takes extra care and considerations, and this extends even to the logistical needs for medical bags. From manufacturer floor to hospital room, bags sewn for medical needs are safe and secure at every step of the way.

Marine Custom Sewn Bags

It makes perfect sense that industrial sewing companies would be the go-to providers of bags for marine uses. After all, with techniques like RF welding and the expert use of vinyl, nylon, and other waterproof fabrics, businesses like Vinyl Technology are the foremost experts in how to make durable gear that won’t let the contents get wet, and won’t fail under intense marine conditions. From fuel bladders to stowage containers, industrial sewing provides many types of the most common sewn bags.

Custom Bags for Aerospace

Fuel bladders can be used to transport fuel in large amounts to be deployed in remote locations, but the most common use for them is in the aerospace industry. Fuel bladders, like the kind that are used in UAVs, are just one type of custom sewn bag. Pilots and astronauts flying into dangerous altitudes require industrially sewn items like grav suits, but they also need bags to stow their gear. For example, Vinyl Technology sews bags currently in use by Space X, one of the most innovative space travel companies.

A company that specializes in industrial sewing like Vinyl Technology can help you find the right solution for your custom sewn bag manufacturing needs. Get in touch with us today.

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