Medical Manufactured Products

What is an Air Wedge and What is it Used For?

An air wedge is an inflatable, wedge-shaped bag made of vinyl, ballistic nylon, and other strong, flexible textiles. This bag lies flat, allowing it to be slipped under heavy objects, between objects that need to be moved apart, and between a moving component and an unmoving surface (like a locked car door). By slowly inflating […]

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How Do Hospital Isolation Rooms Save Lives?

Medical professionals knew this long before the COVID-19 pandemic, but hospital isolation rooms save lives every single day. This was true before COVID, and it will be true after it, too. It’s not just for the safety of healthcare professionals that hospital isolation rooms are in use all across the world, but for the safety […]

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What Are the Different Levels of PPE?

The COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a whole new word into the vocabularies of people all over the world: personal protection equipment (PPE). While not a new concept to the millions of people working in healthcare, the rest of us became aware of what PPE is and what it can be used for. You’re probably already […]

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